Colostrum Capsules with the Alpha Lipid™ process
The alternative with NO SUGAR

Recommended Daily Dose: 2 capsules per day

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Alpha Lipid™ Colostrum Capsules – have all the benefits of Colostrum in convenient capsules.Alpha Lipid™ Colostrum Capsules have all the benefits of Colostrum in the convenience of a capsule so are perfect for the busy ones of the family, who are always on the go. They are easy to swallow, at any time. You can even open a capsule and sprinkle it over your favourite breakfast or add to yoghurt or milk for the littlies of the family (under two, half a dose, as always consult your medical practitioner first). Colostrum’s antibodies work with your body’s own cells to enhance immunity.

알파 리피드™ 콜로스트럼 캡슐은 캡슐이 주는 편리함에 콜로스트럼의 모든 장점을 담아내어 항상 바쁜 일정 속에서 생활하고 계시는 가족에게 완벽한 제품입니다. 언제든 쉽게 복용하실 수 있습니다. 심지어, 캡슐을 개봉하고 좋아하는 아침 식사 위에 살짝 뿌려 드셔도 되며, 어린이(2세 이하, 복용량의 절반, 복용 시 항상 의사와 먼저 상담하십시오)의 경우 요거트 또는 우유에 첨가해 드셔도 좋습니다. 콜로스트럼의 항체는 여러분의 체내 세포와 함께 작용하여 면역력을 증진시킵니다.

They are recommended for all looking for the NO SUGAR content.
Suitable for Diabetics, and generally everyone who prefers the no sugar advantage.

Alpha Lipid™ Colostrum Capsules
Support for the gastrointestinal tract

  • Assists immunity for everyday wellness
  • Supports gut health and digestive comfort
  • Supports healthy ageing
  • Supports healthy tissues and muscles
  • Supports for your body’s healing and repair processes
  • Key Features:
    Convenient easy to take capsules supporting healthy immunity
  • Active Ingredients :
    455mg Bovine Colostrum powder providing
    91mg immunoglobulins

Take two capsules daily on an empty stomach (at least 2hrs after eating)
This product is not suitable for use by children under the age of 12 months, except under advice from a medical practitioner.
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120 capsules (60 day supply for one person)

Colostrum supports gut health and digestive comfort

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